Sunday, September 13, 2009


a few
Favorite Moments:

Often, I am stationed asking people "Hello! Would you like more intense, or less intense?" <-- This refers to the two different sides of Mission:SPACE. Once, I asked this of a cute young guy, and he said (in a lovely aussie accent) "What do you think?" When he realized what he said, he laughed a little and said "Cheers!"... as I handed him the More Intense ticket. Made my day.

I've been told twice while working that I look like Marilyn Monroe... this is most likely due to the fact that I am blonde, and the uniform jumpsuit makes my hips pretty exaggerated. :-P

Yesterday, I got to Animal Kingdom 45 minutes before closing-- I rode Everest, Dinosaur, and walked through some gift shops on my way out! It was great. Today I visited the World Showcase and Test Track at Epcot for a few hours with my roommates (3 out of 6), which was also really nice. I had forgotten how lame (yet awesome) the Mexico boat ride was! And how SCARY Dinosaur is, when you're alone! It's so dark and loud. I loved it.

Well! I hope at least one of these moments made you smile, I miss everybody but am having a really good time out here.

-- Cindy



Florida is WET. Sometimes I breathe in deep, and the air makes me feel like I'm drowning! And the weather will go from blue skies to an awful downpour of hot, stinking water. If I do continue to work for Disney (possible), you can bet it'll be from the West Coast... just sayin!

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