Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Choose to Go!

Tomorrow is another day.

I really am enjoying Epcot during the Food & Wine Festival. I think when I come back to visit Orlando I'll try to come right about now... or a little before, to avoid crowds. Plus the rates may be cheaper during hurricane season.

For the record: Hurricanes/tornadoes= 100x scarier than earthquakes. Just sayin'.

I'm actually not sure why I watch the weather channel in the mornings, when it always says the same "Scattered thunderstorms throughout the day. Chance of rain, 30%.". That last part means you're going to be wet 30% of the day.

Why am I talking about the weather...? Because my job is a bit stressful, and my last few days off I spent sleeping to recover from everything! But in truth, I love the people I'm living with (up, all of them) and I still love going to the parks (There's a lot I haven't done)! So I've made it past the 1 month mark barely bruised. And yes, it has given me some perspective about future career planning, but we'll save that for later.

A few times at work I'll get to talk to someone who was too scared to go on the ride, and is waiting for their family. I'm supposed to send them down the hallway but most of the time I am so lonely I let them sit so we can talk. I ask them why they came, who they came with. One woman I met, her husband's son had died two yeaars ago and there she was telling me that this trip was doing him some good-- that he finally seemed to be happy again. I really loved hearing that, because Disney is just such a positive place, especially now with the attitude that every day is worth celebrating. I think "dreams come true" is fine, but the idea that we all have something to be thankful for and worth enjoying is much better.
It's sort of healing.

So I do plan to keep visiting the parks, though working for them may not be top on the list. That being said, it's time to put on the rest of my spacesuit and blast off.

We choose to go! (to the moon and to mars.... not because they are easy, but because they are hard)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


a few
Favorite Moments:

Often, I am stationed asking people "Hello! Would you like more intense, or less intense?" <-- This refers to the two different sides of Mission:SPACE. Once, I asked this of a cute young guy, and he said (in a lovely aussie accent) "What do you think?" When he realized what he said, he laughed a little and said "Cheers!"... as I handed him the More Intense ticket. Made my day.

I've been told twice while working that I look like Marilyn Monroe... this is most likely due to the fact that I am blonde, and the uniform jumpsuit makes my hips pretty exaggerated. :-P

Yesterday, I got to Animal Kingdom 45 minutes before closing-- I rode Everest, Dinosaur, and walked through some gift shops on my way out! It was great. Today I visited the World Showcase and Test Track at Epcot for a few hours with my roommates (3 out of 6), which was also really nice. I had forgotten how lame (yet awesome) the Mexico boat ride was! And how SCARY Dinosaur is, when you're alone! It's so dark and loud. I loved it.

Well! I hope at least one of these moments made you smile, I miss everybody but am having a really good time out here.

-- Cindy



Florida is WET. Sometimes I breathe in deep, and the air makes me feel like I'm drowning! And the weather will go from blue skies to an awful downpour of hot, stinking water. If I do continue to work for Disney (possible), you can bet it'll be from the West Coast... just sayin!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There are Lizards EVERYWHERE.

The South.

I learned what a CV, and a Chick-Fil-A are this week. Not impressed with the latter... where's the KFC?

The weather is pretty much wet, all the time. Whether it's falling on your head (hot rain?? whaaaat??) or stickily surrounding you (thanks humidity), you. are. wet. Welcome to (the swamp they call) Florida.

I've been waking up early and going to bed... early. It's really nice. Forget jet-lag! I am WAY too excited about getting started working for Disney! (Even though I don't find out my attraction assignment until day 4)

Good News:
I got the apartment I wanted, with the girls I know!
Not having a car is so not a big deal.
My luggage-- I have a really great story about it that I will tell you in person only :)

I have compulsively organized my space, and am now content to fall asleep in my cozy little corner of the world. Goodnight, everyone. I hope I hear from you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Where: Orlando Florida (Disney World to be exact)
When: August 24th to January 8th
What: Working at DisneyWorld
How: I leave the house in 8 hours. I'll meet all my lovely roommates, and then we'll check in and get all housed, then work begins!

Why: ... because I can!

Once, I was walking in Epcot (one of the 4 DW parks) and I asked God: "When I grow up, should I work here?" He answered... and while I won't tell you exactly what He said, I think you can see that my life's adventure is finally kicking into gear!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Premature update!

I knew I couldn't keep myself from posting anymore!


Well, sort of. I know that I've been assigned to work in Epcot- Future World (East)

Which includes:
Mission: SPACE
Test Track
Universe of Energy
and Wonders of Life
and perhaps Innoventions

Ironically. I imagine that somebody looked at my resume, saw "Tech Museum of Innovation" and decided I am all technological and shtuff. Little do they know, haha!

All of them are exciting *indoor* attractions! Plus, I am told that Epcot has the best hours, and I'll get an awesome spacey outfit!

Finding this out made me realize that I am happy to work almost anywhere, I just really wanna go :-)

19 days!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I know, there's nothing LESS exciting to read about than packing.

But if you're reading this, it means that you've found me, and there will be more exciting entries to come!


That would be- disney college program. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

As for now, I am beginning my packing lists. I've got a hotel for night 1, 5 prospective roommates (please pray we get the apartment together!!), and a lot of good feelings! Still have to pack, get the airline ticket and a whoooole lot more.

The next entry will happen when I'm in FL. That much I can guarantee!

-- Cindy